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कही अनकही …

‘Telling The Untold’ पैरों में जलन — ये समस्या लेकर 27 वर्षीय विवाहिता पूनम मेरे पास आई और कहने लगी कि पिछले कई सालों से यानि कि विवाह के पश्चात् से ही उसके दोनों पैरों में तेज़ जलन शुरू हो गई है जिसके इलाज कि लिए वो ऐलोपैथिक, होमीओपैथिक, आयुर्वेदिक सब तरह की चिकित्सा करवाContinue reading “कही अनकही …”

No more secrets…

I have always introduced myself as a healer. It is an incomparable passion of mine. But today, I would also like to introduce myself as a writer. It has been a passion of mine since childhood but it was a well kept secret between me and my diary. I have now decided that I willContinue reading “No more secrets…”


I am Dr Ratna Mishra, a healer and spiritual life coach. My journey began quite a few years ago, when life had brought upon me challenges which I was not ready for, sorrow of a kind I had never felt, when I stood in the middle of it all, in despair, questioning everything around me,Continue reading “Namaste!”

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