No more secrets…

I have always introduced myself as a healer. It is an incomparable passion of mine. But today, I would also like to introduce myself as a writer. It has been a passion of mine since childhood but it was a well kept secret between me and my diary. I have now decided that I will keep no more secrets – from my readers, my diary and myself. Lately, when inspiration strikes, my hand reaches for my diary and I begin to pen down my thoughts. The result is more often than not, an authentic piece of sharing. A little background for you kind people still reading – I stem from a family of writers and growing up in Lucknow showed me that the languages of Hindi & Urdu are the most divine way that I, as a writer, can share what I am truly experiencing. What follows will be exactly that – an authentic sharing of my past and present experiences, minced in the words of the world’s two most beautiful languages.

So be it 🙏🏼

Published by positiveratna

I love & accept myself the way I am.. & I appreciate others the same way ..

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