I am Dr Ratna Mishra, a healer and spiritual life coach.

My journey began quite a few years ago, when life had brought upon me challenges which I was not ready for, sorrow of a kind I had never felt, when I stood in the middle of it all, in despair, questioning everything around me, unable to see the picture clearly.

But as is with life, each night follows a new day, and even though it took more than a few days to overcome that feeling of despair, overcome I did. When My friend Yassmen introduced me with the path of healing, and with the will to overcome the pain, I allowed myself to heal.

Thus began my journey to a new life. A new beginning with my first step, I divilged into the science of Aromatherapy. I completed my doctorate and became an Aromatherapist. Intrigued by the healing power of essential oils, I created my own blends, which are now going to be under the brand Deepvara.

Charged with new hope, my next step was healing myself, so I enrolled myself for Heal Your Life Teachers Training with Louise L Hay (USA) and thus became a teacher, a professional healer.

I continued to do workshops and even though it allowed me space to expand, I felt I was missing something. I was not complete, I was still in search for my calling.

Going deeper into this field, I came across Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR) and had the pleasure of meeting the renowned Dr Trupti Jayin, who became my mentor and guide to a spiritual life journey.

Dr Trupti Jayin is an occupational therapist and clinical psychologist, known from the TV show “Raaz pichle janam ka.”

I went on to complete my masters in Past Life Regression Therapy under the guidance of Dr Trupti Jayin.

As I began a new chapter in the book of my life and progressed to become the Past Life Regression Therapist that I am today, I found worlds I had never known existed.

The search was over, I had found my calling.

Past Life Regression opened worlds into the psyche of people, making it not only interesting but also extremely effective to me as a spiritual healer. It gave my practice the belief it deserves.

During one of my training sessions, I saw myself as a monk, the story of which I will talk about in a separate post, revealing to me secrets of my past life that led to the ultimate relief of my chronic back pain. My faith in my practice came to be unshaken.

I became a spiritual life coach.

Today my foremost way of healing is through Past Life Regression.

My additional knowledge of Tarot Card reading allows me to help a soul who is lost in their journey of life. I help them answers to questions they didn’t even know they needed.

I do hope to help people find their way through the dark times of life, as I did through my experience and help them as a token of my gratitude.

I thank my masters, my mentor, my kids and friends who are like family, for my success.

I look forward to meeting the real you in this journey of life.

So be it 🙏🏼

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I love & accept myself the way I am.. & I appreciate others the same way ..

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